Lawrence, KS

Not Your Typical "Kansas Life"

Community-driven city for all life styles: sports, food, outdoor activities, arts, family and education - Clubs and groups in town to enjoy your hobbies with others

Lawrence, KS is proud of being Lawrence, KS - KU and residents love this town, and its passion is contagious (LFK)

Vibrant and fun - There is always something to do!

Take advantage of completing your studies in a city where education is its highest priority, while having Kansas City 44 minutes away and a state park (Clinton Lake) 20 minutes away.


The University of Kansas is perfectly suited for students who enjoy the city-life, outdoors, or a combination of both!

According to Best College Reviews and Skyscanner, Lawrence is considered the 31st best college town in the United States and 4th best college town in the Midwest.

Lawrence also proves to be a place where your budget can go far! The approximate monthly expenses for a student who lives with one roommate are:

  • Rent                              $325
  • Utilities                        $150
  • Groceries                    $300
  • KU Parking Pass       $30
  • Gas                                $50

All expenses listed are covered with a 50% GTA or GRA appointment, with extra money for fun!